A bit of me

I'm a freelance developer since 2016. I graduated in Law and Political Science then I worked for some time in Communications and Equity-crowdfunding for different structures. I decided on switching career path in late 2016 to follow my passion for design and code and entrepreneurship.I boarded LeWagon's Fullstack Ruby on Rails bootcamp. I have been a freeelance developer since.

LeWagon was a terrific introduction to the startup workflow and tools.It gets students to work in teams to code real-life applications using state of the art best practices. LeWagon's acclaimed bootcamp is now present in 35 countries and is listed as the top bootcamp in the world by toptotal. It also offers part-time programs for employees who want to learn to code. If you're interested, go to lewagon.org to learn more about it

I'm continously learning new skills: Recently i completed courses on React+Redux and React Native. At the moment I am eagerly learning 2D and 3D game development on Unity, learning to code in C# along the way I'm also learning 3D animation on Blender and taking courses on gameplay development.

I live in Nanterre, close to Paris and can work either on site or remote

Up for relocation anywhere in Europe and beyond

I speak English and Polish